Naked Pesticide Applicators, Unite!

Today, I wrapped up my tour around southeastern Montana in Forsyth.  It was literally the tenth time in a week I gave the talk – not sure if it got better or worse with time, but it’s pretty well memorized by now.  Here’s a list of things I learned on the road this week:
·         While 2010 was a really good hay year, you didn’t predict your cows would practically eat their weight every day since November 22nd.  Selling all that “extra” hay you had in October is starting to look like a really horrible decision.
·         Long underwear alter the fit of dress slacks, but that’s a fashion risk I was willing to take.
·         Colostrum supplements do indeed have an expiration date, and it was a revelation to some…”you’re damn right, I’m going to start checking for expiration dates!”
·         Block heaters and ipods are two of the greatest inventions of all time.
·         You tend to get a better answer from me if you just ask the question you want the answer for, rather than beating around the bush with 27 lead-up questions.  I may or may not have said, “Don’t beat around the bush, man, give it to me straight!”
·         I have a set of audience-response clickers, and scatter a series of multiple-choice question slides throughout the presentation.  One of the questions is about thawing frozen colostrum. One of the answer choices is “thaw it in your armpit.”  At ~70% of the locations, at least one person answered “thaw it in your armpit” – I truly love smartasses like myself.  That would be my answer if I was in the audience.
·         The new Jason Aldean and Jamey Johnson albums receive two thumbs up.
·         One of the other speakers was a pesticide educator from the Montana Department of Ag.  At one of our stops, he asked, “What is the most important personal protective equipment you can wear?”  The response: “Gloves.”  But he heard, “Clothes.”  I may or may not have said out loud, “Dear God, please wear clothes!  Whatever you do, do NOT spray naked!”

Next week will also be spent away from Miles City. I will be giving a talk at the Madison Conservation District Grazing Seminar and working with K through 4th graders at Ennis Elementary School about where their food comes from.  So, basically, old home week.  Stay tuned for more escapades from this asphalt cowgirl.

Here’s a shot of some wintry badlands from this week.  Disclaimer: I did not take this photo while driving.

“Now our windshield’s a painting that hangs in our room, It changes each mile like the radio tune…” Rodeo Moon, Chris Ledoux
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3 thoughts on “Naked Pesticide Applicators, Unite!”

  1. Hey AC (that’s short for Asphalt Cowgirl for you newbie’s), great work on the BLOG. Careful with the PPE (personal protective equipment) recommendations or your readers may start asking for points for reading this.

    Happy trails next week.


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