Road Trips of Epic Proportions

January is one of my busiest travel months. Makes sense, right? Ranchers have more “free time” in the winter to attend meetings and educational programs.  As a result, I get to hone my bad-road driving skills each year.  The winter program season actually kicks off in Miles City on Friday, which is a treat for me! But then the travel reality sets in next week, when I’ll be a speaker on the Southeastern Montana Winter Ag Series. Jordan, Circle, Broadus, Ekalaka, Baker, Wibaux, Terry, and Forsyth:  8 communities in 5 days and around 950 miles…but I get to sleep in my own bed every night!
Other destinations for programs this month include my hometown of Ennis, Roundup, Fort Benton, Helmville, Hall, and Helena.  Wow, quite the alliteration there at the end!  I’ll stop there; I wouldn’t want to overwhelm my readers with my February schedule.

I did a quick search for a map of Montana, to provide a reference to find all these fabulous locations.  Except that Helmville and Hall weren’t included …I guess if you’re curious, you’ll have to pull out an atlas, or I might recommend my favorite travel planning resource: Google Maps (!

Instead, here’s a wintry picture to get you in the spirit!

“Still I drive these horses through the rain and snow, This high speed rodeo is all I know, I’m an asphalt cowboy, Born to run underneath the stars” —Asphalt Cowboy, Jason Aldean

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