“Welcome to Tradio, You’re on the Air…”

About a year ago, I joined a rotation of Extension folks in southeast Montana who record a weekly radio spot, which airs on Miles City and Forsyth stations.  We have enough people so that each of us only comes up in the rotation every 2 months or so.  Each spot is 3 minutes and airs on Friday mornings during a break in the Tradio program.  For those of you unfamiliar with Tradio, it’s basically a call-in garage sale, where people trade their unwanted crap to one another. 
Here’s a text version of a typical call:
DJ: Welcome to Tradio, you’re on the air….
Caller: Yeah….uh…… hi. I got 3 parakeets, a couple of Charlie Russell prints, and uh……oh yeah! Three shelves of Louis L’Amour paperbacks. Anyone interested can call me at 555-1578. If I’m not at home, leave a message. I’ll call you back, I promise.
DJ: Okay, that was 555-1978. Thanks for calling.
Caller: No, wait! I said 555-1578.
DJ: Oh, sorry, 555-1578.
Now, this isn’t how all the calls go, but they are my favorite kind – the ones with a crazy combination of goods on offer and a caller who can’t remember what they have for sale.
But back to the Extension radio spots. My topics have ranged from cow body condition scoring to grass tetany to pinkeye – I try to base my spot on what types of potential problems or events might be happening on ranches at the time.  Because of my crazy travel and my type of luck, I’ve had some adventures getting my spots called in.  Here are my top 4 favorites, in no particular order:
·         I’ve called in from my pickup, pulled over on the side of the road where there was that one good mile of cell phone reception on top of the hill.
·         I’ve called in from the airport in Washington, DC, with flight announcements blaring in the background, all while being distracted by a Kobe Bryant wannabe flying around the corner into my “quiet” hallway, shooting balled-up paper at the garbage can…he missed. Repeatedly.
·         I’ve called in at 6 o’clock in the morning, the day the spot needed to air, on my way to the airport for a vacation trip to New Mexico because I forgot until just that moment.
·         I’ve called in from my office on what I thought was a regular day, forgetting that it was during Tradio. The technician said, “Hello, would you like to be on the air for Tradio?”  I said, “Oh no, I was just calling to record the Extension PSA for Friday, I can just call back later.”  She said, “Don’t worry, we can do that right now, just hang on a second.”  The next thing I heard was the DJ, saying “Welcome to Tradio, you’re on the air…” 
I thought about starting my spiel, but I didn’t want to take away from someone’s parakeet-selling time.
Stay tuned, my “winter run” begins tomorrow, January 7, with Cow Capital Beef Day in Miles City, and there’s bound to be escapades to report.

Disclaimer: This is not a recent photo. Note the presence of green grass.

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  1. Do you think that guy will EVER sell those Louis L’Amour books? They’re collectors items, you know…


    Buy, sell, give-away or trade…*sigh*

    The green grass in your picture gave me a start, but then I found the fine print. Drats.

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