The Asphalt Cowgirl Stays Home

This week, I got to stay relatively close to home, which was a welcome respite from the previous three weeks.  While driving my own pickup (which has XM radio) rather than my state pickup (which does not), all that classic country music blasting out of my speakers inspired me to write a few more lines in the theme of my last post title.
·         Willie was right…I AM on the road again.
·         Merle was right…you DO take me for granted.
·         Webb was right…I AM tired of living this ol’ way.
·         Eddie was right…I AM driving my life away.
If you don’t know who Willie, Merle, Webb, and Eddie are, you’re missing out, folks.  And be happy that you don’t have to travel anywhere with me and listen to my most excellent singing. 
Friday was the 19th annual Miles City Chamber Beef Breeders Show, where purebred breeders bring their bulls to town to showcase the latest genetics.  You might be thinking, “Oh, this sounds like an event you would have at the fairgrounds, right?”  Not so fast, my friend.  This is Miles City!  So we have it on Main Street.
This year, we were extremely fortunate to have wonderful weather – nearly 40 degrees and no precipitation until after the show was over.  It is much more common for this event, always held the first Friday in February, to have cold and snow.  Exhibitors, attendees, and organizers were thrilled to not have to wear coveralls!
Here are a few more pictures of the cattle on Main Street.  We had 35 pens set up and only a few cancellations this year due to folks being drifted in.  Many breeds are represented – Hereford (with horns and without), Angus (of both colors), Saler, Limousin, Simmental, Charolais, and even Scottish Highlander and Irish Black.  We’re all about equality around here.

Next week I will be in Billings for the Society for Range Management meetings.  I’m looking forward to catching up with friends from graduate school and learning something new!  Have a great week, everyone!
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