Cow Sorting Extravaganza – Part Two

Now for the second installment in this mini-series.  You can read Part One here.  On Sunday, we took our horses and our lists to my grandparents’ place to continue sorting.  My uncle and grandpa had the first bunch of cows gathered for us, and we whittled down our lists.  Shortly after this, I lost my pencil, the second one that day.

Then we gathered the second bunch of cows as the sun was climbing over the mountains behind us.

It was fun to see how the calves have grown.  Here’s one of my favorite Hereford heifers from this calf crop.

And Wally wasn’t the only calf to lose his ears during a cold spell (you can read more about Wally’s background here), although this little girl at least kept her tag.

After we sorted, we put the cows back out on pasture.

Grandpa went out and got the gate for us.

I am modifying how much horse ear appears in my photos now.

He likes to put a crew to work!

After two successful days of sorting, our lists were well-used.

Hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about our big sorting weekend.  I’m headed to Nashville, TN tomorrow – looking very much forward to meeting new folks and learning a lot!

Yours in travel,
The Asphalt Cowgirl

“Now our windshield’s a painting that hangs in our room, It changes each mile like the radio tune” —Rodeo Moon, Chris Ledoux

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