The Asphalt Cowgirl Rides Again…

After a brief early-summer hiatus, my travel schedule has…intensified, I guess you could say.  I drove to the ranch last Friday, and we sorted cattle on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Stay tuned for a blog post later this week about the cow sorting extravaganza.

I used the ranch as a home base early last week as I had meetings in Bozeman.  I’m so lucky to have that opportunity!  Mom’s garden is starting to go gangbusters, and here’s some proof of the prolific raspberry patch.  Nothing like fresh berries to go with breakfast in the morning!

Late in the week, I attended the annual meeting of the Montana Feed Association in Red Lodge.  This industry group helps me plan and put on the Montana Nutrition Conference and Livestock Forum.  We started the planning for 2012, and I also gave a presentation about some of my research.  On Thursday afternoon, attendees had the option of golfing or fishing.  I do neither of these, but I am a superior beer cart driver and stellar golf commentator (mostly social commentary, my specialty).

This meeting also wins the prize for the most unique match-up of after-dinner entertainment with the intended audience.  Watching a group of feed salesmen take in the trio of belly dancers was…well…I’m still speechless on that, actually. 

This week finds me on the road to grade carcasses for a couple of different eastern Montana county fairs, then heading to Nashville, TN for Agovocacy 2.0, an agriculture advocacy conference.  Have a great week, everyone!

Yours in travel,

The Asphalt Cowgirl

“Now our windshield’s a painting that hangs in our room, It changes each mile like the radio tune” —Rodeo Moon, Chris Ledoux

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