A Heifer In Town

Recently, I’ve been entertained by a series of Facebook posts about a missing pig named Porky, who’s been the star of the McCone County Sheriff’s office page. It sounds like he’s still on the lam, by the way.

This made me think of a recent occurrence at the ranch, that although I did not witness it, I feel the second (or third) hand version is still worth telling.

On a Saturday afternoon in November, shortly after a foot-plus of snow had fallen, phone calls started arriving at my grandparents’ house, reporting a red cow wandering behind the drugstore in the town of Ennis . My grandpa and aunt went to investigate, and found that a cattleguard had drifted under, and the Houdini heifer had simply walked over the drift and went to explore the greater metropolis.

They located her and had her heading back down the appropriate street with a gate and a pasture at the end of it, when all of a sudden she came running back the wrong way, with a young man and woman in pursuit on foot. Reportedly, the young man had a catch rope with a loop built, ready to swing. I’ll give you a minute to absorb that image…

When I first heard the story, I was pretty sure that “heifer” referred to a weaned heifer calf, born in 2012. After asking for confirmation, I learned that this “heifer” was a bred heifer who will turn 2 in March. While this is not the escapee, this is how big they are…yes, around 1100 pounds.


What exactly do you think the gunsel with the rope would have done had he latched on to her?

With a little more running around, and the “assistance” of the unknown young man and woman, the heifer was returned to her pasture. I’m sure she had a great story to tell.

Upon the conclusion of this escapade, the unknown young woman reportedly said, “That was so fun, I’ve never been on a cow chase before!”

Yours in travel,

The Asphalt Cowgirl

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