Time Flies

Well, now. It appears I haven’t written a blog post since mid-January. Turns out the work load increases when the roster of beef cattle specialists decreases from two to one…and the one is me.

Here’s a brief pictorial update on some things that have happened since that long-ago post last winter.

I organized our local Academic Quadrathlon in February. It’s a 4-part animal science contest where teams of 4 students compete in a written exam, oral presentation, hands-on lab practicum, and a double-elimination quiz bowl tournament. Here is the farm cat “helping” these young ladies with a lab practicum station.

I am a member of the Western Extension Leadership Development program committee. This year’s WELD seminar was held in San Diego. An alright place to be when it’s late February in Montana.

After the San Diego trip, I had a few days before I needed to be in Reno, NV for the Western Beef Resource Committee meeting, so I visited some dear friends in California. And I met their zebra.

And then I went to Santa Anita. It. Was. Awesome. Best track I’ve ever been to.

Then it was calving time again. It’s a rough life to be a calf at our place.

Went back to my old stomping grounds of Miles City for the World Famous Bucking Horse Sale the third weekend in May. Here’s a shot of the start to the craziest wild horse race I’ve ever witnessed.

In late June, MSU hosted the Western Section, American Society of Animal Science meetings, a part of which is the Western Section Academic Quadrathlon contest. Our MSU team (Russell, Lane, Katy, and Drew) won the regional contest, competing against 8 other teams from all over the western United States. I was – and still am – soooooo proud!!! They got to compete at the national contest in conjunction with the American Society of Animal Science/American Dairy Science Association meetings in Indianapolis. They got 3rd place, and took 2nd place in the lab practicum.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…Callie had her first batch of kittens. She had them under a potentilla bush, then moved them into a hole in a tree 8 feet off the ground. We finally got her talked into bringing them back down to earth, and the kittens have been a major source of entertainment this summer. Here the family is eating their “milk and cookies”. The kittens are named Coley (the calico), Ringo, Rango, and Geronimo.

Living 3 hours closer to the ranch means I get to do this way more often.

Somehow, it’s now late July…no idea how that happened. It’s fair season in Montana, and I graded 97 hogs yesterday. Did you know pork fat is less saturated than beef fat? I was reminded 97 times yesterday…pork fat is gross, just sayin’. And I tried to cut off two fingers, but no worries, they’re on my left hand. I hope this finds you all well, readers. If I still have readers!

Yours in travel,
The Asphalt Cowgirl

“Now our windshield’s a painting that hangs in our room, It changes each mile like the radio tune” —Rodeo Moon, Chris Ledoux