C’Mon Man!

Happy New Year! No need to check your vision, folks. You really are seeing a blog post from me.
Three years ago when I started this blog (3 years…how did that happen?!), I had been watching a lot of ESPN, and they had declared 2011 as “The Year of the Quarterback”. I thought it should be “The Year of the Asphalt Cowgirl” and the rest is history.
I still watch a lot of ESPN. Good thing Cris Carter doesn’t know about my terribly inconsistent blogging – I hear his voice saying, “Where. You. AT?!” One of my resolutions this year is to write more…we’ll see how that goes.
Another of my favorite ESPN segments is C’Mon Man. I’ve decided to start using C’Mon Man for grammar and spelling errors that qualify.
For example…
It’s ≠ its. One is a contraction. One is possessive. Say it out loud first – “it is” – then decide. And while we’re talking apostrophes, adding “’s” to a word does not make it plural. C’Mon Man.
Reign≠ rein. One encompasses crowns and monarchs. The other is used to cue your horse. And if you use “rain” instead for either of these, you’re probably beyond help. C’Mon Man.
Definitely ≠ defiantly. You know, if you spelled “definitely” correctly in the first place, autocorrect wouldn’t have make you out to be so rebellious. C’Mon Man.
I hope you all have a grammatically correct 2014!
Yours in travel,
The Asphalt Cowgirl

“Now our windshield’s a painting that hangs in our room, It changes each mile like the radio tune” —Rodeo Moon, Chris Ledoux

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