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I’m writing this post in the Seattle airport on my way to Portland, where I’ll be attending the 2014 AgChat Foundation regional conference. I first learned about this organization in 2011, and attended their national conference in Nashville. In agriculture, we often hear that we need to tell our story. Well, if you have a desire to do just that, the folks at AgChat Foundation can hook you up. All sorts of workshop topics about blogging, Facebook, Twitter, and other ways to engage the general public about agriculture are featured at their conferences.

A wide age range of Ennis High School graduates know exactly where I’m going with this post based on its title and who the post will honor. Mr. Bob Cleverley made a huge impact on who I am today. He taught me world history, US history, government, and first aid/CPR. He was a hall-of-fame football coach and a heck of a fly fisherman. I TA’d for him my junior and senior years, where a large part of my job was to help him organize details for the Class C (6- and 8-man) All Star football game, which now is named in his honor. 
Clev wanted us to be educated, informed, and involved. He was a firm believer that the world is run by those who show up and speak up, armed with facts to back them up. He taught us that rights and privileges come with responsibilities and obligations. I wish more folks lived by those principles today.

Hard work was expected, especially in first aid/CPR, a required class for seniors to graduate. Each student needed an 85% or better to pass the class because “do you really want someone with a C or lower level of understanding of this material taking care of you in an emergency?!”

We lost him to cancer in 2007. I’m thankful every day for the life lessons I learned from this great man. As I head out to a conference to get more educated, informed, and involved, I hope he’s smiling down. I’m still working hard to make you proud, Clev. You are greatly missed.

Yours in travel,
The Asphalt Cowgirl

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