Miracle Baby

Do you know someone who is a miracle baby? There are several human miracle babies that I know, but today’s story is about a bovine miracle baby. Her name is Little Widget.

She was born around 4 weeks early, on February 10, 2012. Bull turnout date the previous spring was May 29. Based on a 283-day gestation length, the expected due date would be March 7. It’s not uncommon for calves to be born before their due date, but this was extremely early. The second calf that year wasn’t born until February 28!

 Mom had been keeping an eye on the cow and knew she was going to calve off the top, albeit not that early. When the cow wasn’t on the feed ground that morning, Mom went on a search and rescue mission. The cow had calved in a patch of willows and taken very good care of the calf. Mom says that she had never seen a live calf born that early, and she was worried that Little Widget might not have “cooked” long enough. She was scared to even make her a tag for quite awhile. But Little Widget wasn’t worried about any of that.

It was a long reach for her to get any breakfast for quite some time – she had some growing to do. 

Little Widget’s miracle baby story continued at weaning time, as she made the cut to be kept as a replacement heifer. She is now 2 years old and is expecting her first calf later this spring. She was a friendly baby, but acts a little standoffish these days – she was giving me the eye when I was tracking her down for a photo.

We’re keeping a close watch on her just in case that short gestation trait got passed along! 

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