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Happy National Agriculture Day!
Today I’d like to introduce you to a couple of young ladies I’m going to feature throughout the next year or so. My hope is to give an inside look into the first year of heifer calves on our operation. I chose a crossbred and a purebred to highlight some of the differences and similarities in how we manage those different groups.
This is 411. She was born on February 26th, and came into this world backwards, thus requiring a little human assistance!


Her mom is 919, a 5-year-old cow who is ¾ Red Angus and ¼ Hereford. 411’s sire is a Hereford bull we called Dozer (he’s the bull I’m scratching in this blog’s profile picture). This combination means that 411 is 5/8 Hereford and 3/8 Red Angus. 411 was conceived via artificial insemination, or AI – and I was the technician.
We use orange tags to signify Hereford-sired calves, and the “D” tells us Dozer is her daddy. We use (or start with) 3-digit numbers for our crossbred calves and the first number signifies the year. So, 411 was the 11th crossbred calf born in 2014.
This is 4005. She’s got quite a little sass.
She was born on March 3rd to 6017, an 8-year-old Hereford cow. Her sire is a Hereford bull we call Cowboy, and she was also conceived via AI – and I was the technician (there’s a theme here).
We use green tags for Cowboy-sired calves and use 4-digit numbers for our Hereford calves. So 4005 was the 5th Hereford calf born in 2014.
I’m excited to bring you updates through the year as these heifers grow up!
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